Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2011 Snow.....and all it brought...

Three nights at Northside Hospital, hanging with Katie and getting work done.  While it sounds nuts...I was super excited at all we accomplished.  Including (attempting) to sled down the parking deck, unsuccessfully.  We also watching the BCS Football game and having the SEC win!  Woo Hoo!  Wow, code white...something that everyone should attempt just once. 

Once I finally got to go home (via 2 hour commute) and get my sweet babies from my mom (who watched them so sweetly for us), Jake came home on Thursday.  We got out of the house (to prevent cabin fever, of course) and went to the mall, and after that played in the snow, wait I mean ice....

Jack and Lucy totally enjoyed the snow...while I did not get a photo of Jack running back inside quickly, I did catch Lucy licking the snow (no, her tongue didn't get stuck).

What a crazy week....the snow and ice are still around and slippery.  I have to go back to work tomorrow, but Ansley is out of school one more day so I am sure that Jake, Ansley and Sarah will have a great day.
Can't believe that in 11 days we will be in I hope that it is hot!  Can not wait!

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  1. What a crazy week! You are right about experiencing a code white just once. Next one is someone else's turn. It was a blast to hanging out with you for 4 days straight.