Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Wicked Happy Birthday...

So for my birthday, wonderful hubby Jake, got me tickets to see Wicked at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta Wednesday night!  SO Broadway Musicals, Landmarks, Mexican Dinner AND a date night!  Do birthdays get any better?  Well of course they do, my two babies made me birthday cards, Jake took me to lunch, I did not have to work, I slept late (well sort of), went shopping and topped the night off with DINNER at Krispy Kreme (yes Dinner)!  So with all that going on, the day was pretty darn good!
I am one lucky 35 year old!  I am working on being a 'grown up' now, hard stuff but so far no temper tantrums... yet.  (Yes, still talking about me:))  Well one more year down.  But I am ok with that. (I'm pretty sure).

Ansley's is the pink one and Sarah did the brown and green ones ALL by HERSELF!

From Ansley Kate!

From Sarah Madeline!  It's me!

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