Monday, October 31, 2011

smart & funny things my kids have said & done lately...

Ansley Kate-
-Ansley has started dressing herself and I am loving her sense of style...nothing like a zebra printed ruffled with pink skirt, an Animal (muppet) t-shirt, and pink cowboy boots!
-neon Green shirt layered with aqua shirt, stripped lime green, aqua, white and purple skirt with aqua leggings....loved it!

Sarah Madeline-
-pointing to a book...she asks me what it is and I say a book, she says nope, I say your Tangled book, she says nope, so I say I give Sarah what is it?, she says it's the spine of the book, it holds the pages in, you can not break it or the pages will fall out.
-who draws pictures in books?  an illustrator.  who writes words in a book?  an author.
-she is singing her ABC's and is fabulous except for J-Q...that's all one long letter thingy.
-"so mama, you think you can handle that?" referencing singing 5 little pumpkins sitting on a fence.

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