Monday, December 19, 2011

Three Weeks...Day Four...

Today was a busy, busy day!  Sarah & I had some time this morning together & spent it painting....a very constructive way to spend your time!  I worked on a Christmas present for Ansley Kate.  (I am making Sarah one to but I am still working on her quote...ideas??).  Then once Jake and Ansley got back, we got dressed & went to have Christmas photos made & visit Santa ONE more time.  After that we came home & the creativity began!  First I made Sarah a t-shirt, iron on yes...cute, absolutely!!  Then....Yes people, I sewed!  I sewed twice actually.  Two pillowcases!  While that may be nothing to some, it is a like moving a small mountain to me!  So enjoy the photos!  :)

Christmas Tree!

So Beautiful!

Making a reindeer family!

started out as Santa however...white beard doesn't show up on white he's an elf!

start of Ansley's present


Finished!  Yea!

I know right?

my 'pattern'

yep, burned myself.

the finished project!  :)

kid approved..Sarah loves her's too!

Sarah's new night shirt!  Arrgg!

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