Sunday, July 29, 2012

July Photo Challenge {Day at the Beach!!}

This shot was taken last year when we visited the beach.  My littlest one loves playing and building in the sand.  I caught this rare moment when she was enjoying playing alone.  This is my submission for the Rock The Shot July Photo Challenge.  This is one of my favorite pictures!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

THE best chocolate chip cookies ever!

so as i am writting this i am blamming pintrest for it's ease of sharing calories amongst people around the globe.  i found this reciepe either on pintrest or the actual blog Dear Lillie (which I love to peruse)  but it ended up on my 'drool...drool' board...(you looney tunes fans know what I mean)...and tonight Ansley, Sarah and I made them and oh my!  they are yummy!  good for you?  probably not but I did add 1/4 cup of flax seeds and there is oatmeal involved so i say indulge...just not a lot or every day.  which should not be a problem for me since the kitchen and i are not the best of here is the receipe and some yummy pics.  i suggest making these at least once in your life (or once a week)!  i made the receipe according to the directions below except i did 2 cups of chocolate chips, no chunks or shaving, used self-rising flour so no baking soda and i added 1/4 cup of flax seeds.

Can you see the excitement?

Ansley was very proud of her mad camera skills...she liked how the salt looked pouring in.

the secrect ingrdient...


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wow...when was the last blog?

It has been so long since I have blogged (not pictures for contests)...  I do not even think I can remember all that has happened!  There are some things that stick out and here are a few.
One major thing was that in April we joined our church.  We have been visiting churches for a while so when we finally all agreed it was a big deal.  Then on Mother's Day Ansley, Sarah and I were baptized.  I am so glad that we have been saved~~~ it really makes me feel very peaceful!  "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved..." ~ Mark 16:16
Ansley's bunk at camp....Sarah sorry to see her go :(
We had some time explaining to Sarah that she did not have to go and live with Jesus the day that she was baptized, just that she would some day.  She still questions me about it sometimes but I think that she is finally okay with it!  She cracks me up how much she thinks!  Ansley is really enjoying going to church as well, she is going to Christian camp this week with her teacher from last year.  I am glad that she was invited and she is so excited!  I never went to camp as a kid so apparently I missed out from what everyone says.  Jake went a lot and he had a blast! 
Then towards the end of May~ Ansley Kate is getting braces and she had her expander placed and is doing really really great with keeping up with all of it!  I am very proud of her!  ~then school ended... which is always hectic.  We had a very busy time with parties, graduations and award ceremonies.  Once all of that was done we now have a FOURTH grader and a KINDERGARTNER!  WOW...when did all of that happen?  We had gymnastic performances for both girls.....and then came June!
So you all know June is a big month around here, we have 2 VERY special birthdays and lots of friends and family birthdays.  (May is also a huge birthday/holiday month)....This year our vacations worked out so that we were in Mexico for the chicas birthdays.  We went to Play Del Carmen and OH MY....I am ready to move.  We had a blast (really).....
Xcaret Eco Park

Ansley went snorkeling, swam with a dolphin (on her birthday), won second place in a sand castle contest (well that was all of us), fed stray el gattos, swam in an underground river (also an ancient burial ground), arranged to have a special birthday cake presented to her sister at dinner, swam, swam, loved ordering smoothies from the swim up bar at the pool, swam, rescued trash from the ocean, went out into the ocean in a kayak, slept, ate, had a monkey and a parrot on her head, saw iguanas and oh she swam!  :)
Sarah went snorkeling (kinda~ she like standing on the steps and putting her face in the water), won second place in a sand castle contest (well that was all of us), fed stray el gattos, swam in an underground river (also an ancient burial ground), had a monkey and a parrot on her head, saw iguanas, slept, ate (really...lots), swam like a fish, made friends with Raul, ate ice cream, had tea, oh yeah and she went swimming a lot!  :)
Jake and I tagged along with them and relaxed too....and I got to read!  It really was a wonderful vacation!  Including the trip home, where we lost an engine and headed back to Cancun for one more night!  (We have the worst luck coming home)  But here we are safe and sound!
And talk about spoiled....once we got back home, they had a small swimming party at my parents for their birthday....rotten I tell you but I love them! 
Alice Grace
And then (drum roll please...) my new niece Alice Grace was born.  She came into this world happily on her due date.  Oh and is she gorgeous!  Congrats to Laura and Jeff! 
We celebrated dad's birthday this past weekend and I guess that's where we are.  Camp this afternoon and a busy week of work ahead (not so excited about the work part, but gotta pay bills right?)
I am sure so much happened that I have left out....