Saturday, November 23, 2013

10 days of real did it really go?

We took the 10 day challenge of 100daysofrealfood.  We made it all 10 days and learned a lot about food, what we have been eating and tried some new things.  I will not lie and tell you that we were all happy for 10 days, that we all agreed that we could make all of the changes forever but I will tell you we felt better, we did it as a family and we have walked away with some better knowledge about some of the things we were putting in our body!  We did not eat out at all, which was really good for us!
So kind of step by step, we made out massive shopping trip which we thought would get us through at least 7 days.  We followed sample menu plan 1 from the facebook page.  We did make several more trips to the store to pick up things that were not on the shopping list or we ate a lot of because we liked it a lot!  Looking back I think it was a mistake to follow the menu plan and eat everything that worked for their family, we should have made food that we knew we liked!  However trying something new for the first time we tried to make it easy!
Day 1- We had whole wheat banana pancakes and peaches, we made them from scratch and they were really good.  Our problem here is we were suppose to use 100% maple syrup...but let me tell you that stuff is expensive!  We went off a little and had about 1 tablespoon of regular syrup each except the girls...they are not fans of syrup (weird right?).  Lunch was egg salad with Triscuits, sliced apples and cheese cubes (that we cut our self from a block of cheddar).  Snack was yogurt with honey and blueberries.  Dinner was mahi mahi with green beans and (yum) sweet potatoes in the oven.
my little helper

To spare you the day by day blow of everything we ate here is a just summary.......we made a lot of not so yummy foods but we also discovered some that we really liked!  We made granola! We cut out sugar (except for honey and natural sugars in fruit).  We used butter instead of margarine.  We ate natural peanut butter (which I really liked but I think I was the only one!) and fruit spread.  We stayed away from anything that had more than 5 ingredients on the label.  We had a hard time finding bread that way so I attempted to make some....not so good but Jake found some with no preservatives and very few ingredients that were edible.  We gave up Coke and sweet tea.  We drank lots of water, unsweet tea and milk.  Triscuits, apples and cheese became a staple in this house! 
All in all I am glad that we accepted the challenge.  We are more conscious of what we are eating.  We have not gone back to drinking Coke after Coke and sweet tea all the time.  I am checking labels and we are making better decisions!
Jake making granola!

Ansley helping out!

Yum, this stuff is GOOD!

My failed attempt at it was not horrible but don't think I'll be making it again!  :)

Yum, really good dinner!

My favorite way to eat the granola!

Vegetable Fajitas with homemade whole wheat tortillas

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pre-Day One (10 Days of Real Food)

We have decided that we are going to take the 10 day real food challenge from the website 100 Days of Real Food !  We did all of our shopping today and let me tell you I have never dissected a nutrition label quite like we did today.  So we are cutting out all preservatives, white flour AND sugar!  My first thought is what in the world will we drink?  No Coke, sweet tea, coffee with cream and sugar....oh the horror!  But it is 10 days and I believe that we can do it, especially since we are doing this as a family.
We start in the morning and I am hoping to keep a log as we go....wish us luck!