Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Three Weeks...Days Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen...

Day Eleven
Today was a quiet stay at home kind of day and playing with all the Christmas Booty!  Then we headed over to Jake's fire station for dinner with him & his crew.  Yum, Yum, Yum!
Day Twelve
Today we spent the day doing a little organization!  We straightened up the basement some & took down all the Christmas stuff...but I am sure we will be finding remnants for the next year.  {smile}  All in all a very nice family day.
Day Thirteen
Today was spent returning some items, believe it or not, lines were not bad!  We also made a massive grocery store visit!  We were suppose to sew curtains but I guess that will wait for another day.  then more quiet...

I like this quiet pattern thing.  {big smile}

Three Weeks...Days Eight, Nine & Ten...

You can tell the Christmas rush is all around!  Friday was my mom's birthday.  We celebrated by heading over to Laura & Jeff's for some yummy food & then heading out into to the mad Christmas shopping rush!  (You never see as many men in the mall all year!)  Saturday is Christmas Eve & we spent most of it inside (yucky weather) just hanging out.  We did some cooking (yummy, Oreo truffles) & then headed over to Mamaw's for the Cordle Christmas.  We got to see baby Reagan and Russell, who is home from school, so those were both special treats!  Sunday was Christmas & boy was Santa Claus good to my babies!  We had a wonderful morning opening presents & eating!  (Yummy Ham & Cheese Crepes)  Then we headed down to my parents for Christmas with them.  We played ping pong & pool & of course ate more yummy food!

Happy Birthday!

yummy cheddar biscuits

helping cook!
Sarah & Butch
Yummy truffles pre-chocolate bath!
mmmm....dark chocolate
all melted....
chocolate covered goodness
Oreo Truffles....OH my yummy goodness!  All you do is mix 1 package of Oreos and 1 package of softened cream cheese in a food processor.  Roll into balls.  Place in freezer about 10-12 minutes then dip in melted chocolate of your choice.  Keep in refrigerator for best results!  Enjoy!
baby Reagan
the stockings hung by the chimney with care

in hope's that St Nick would soon be there

special delivery from Bucky Badger!

should have really taken a 'before' shot
Ham and Cheese Crepes!  Took Tyler Florence's recipe for fruit crepes and changed to ham and Swiss cheese!  Click for Crepe Recipe (these are really good too!)  but substitute deli ham and Swiss cheese for the filling.  To make the sauce, make a rue paste from butter, flour and milk then add Swiss cheese and cook on low-med heat until bubbly.  Pour over crepes and cook in over until hot thru middle....YUM!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three Weeks...Days Six & Seven...

Day Six
Today the chickies went & had a spend the night party with usual they had a blast!  Jake & I finished up their Christmas shopping!  We actually then went on a date...dinner & a movie.  Good stuff!  We went a saw 'The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo', it was good  (Daniel Craig, mmmm).  We were out past midnight....scandalous I know!  A crazy crazy shopping day but fun fun with Jake.  :)
Day Seven
More shopping and get this high 60...almost 70 degrees today!  And rainy, a very odd first day of Winter.

Three Weeks...Day Five...

Today me & the chickies went with my mom & sister (& future niece/nephew) went to lunch & then went to paint pottery & do a little shopping.  We had a blast....Ansley painted a horse trinket box & Sarah painted a hoot owl bank.  Very cool.  A very nice laid back kind of day!
(oh, and of course I made them pose for some photos...they dressed themselves so they were adorable!)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Three Weeks...Day Four...

Today was a busy, busy day!  Sarah & I had some time this morning together & spent it painting....a very constructive way to spend your time!  I worked on a Christmas present for Ansley Kate.  (I am making Sarah one to but I am still working on her quote...ideas??).  Then once Jake and Ansley got back, we got dressed & went to have Christmas photos made & visit Santa ONE more time.  After that we came home & the creativity began!  First I made Sarah a t-shirt, iron on yes...cute, absolutely!!  Then....Yes people, I sewed!  I sewed twice actually.  Two pillowcases!  While that may be nothing to some, it is a like moving a small mountain to me!  So enjoy the photos!  :)

Christmas Tree!

So Beautiful!

Making a reindeer family!

started out as Santa however...white beard doesn't show up on white he's an elf!

start of Ansley's present


Finished!  Yea!

I know right?

my 'pattern'

yep, burned myself.

the finished project!  :)

kid approved..Sarah loves her's too!

Sarah's new night shirt!  Arrgg!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Three Weeks....Days Two & Three...

Day Two...
Me and my girls....lunch with mom & dad, picking up pictures, cleaning bedrooms (getting ready for Santa), making s'mores and watching Winnie the Pooh.  Another great day!
so this is how Ansley came downstairs this sock on, one sock off.

messy messy room!

Ansley the photographer

the beginning of s'mores

the goods.

more photography by Ansley

don't they look sweet?

eating marshmallows  :)

Her mouth is full of chocolate chips :)

Her mouth is also full of marshmallow!

taking form.

covering with chocolate...mmmm

the finished product

can you believe this?

yes, they are as good as they look!

Day Three...

Today was a quiet day!  Yay!  We went to church for a lovely service, hit the (much needed) grocery store and watched some Star Wars...(geek yes!).  Then had turkey and dressing (yum yum) for dinner.  Nice low-key kind of day!