Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ansley Kate is a reader...woo hoo!

so at school, they have levels (bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond).  the kids read books and try to move up thru all the levels thru the year.  this year in second grade things got a little harder.  in kkindergarten and first grade you moved up based on the number of books that you read, took the computer test on and passed.  this year, it moved to a point system.  a lot of second grade books are worth .5 points if you pass the test with 100%.  to move to the next level you need 10 you can see that this year the kids must read almost twice as many books or read books that have a higher point value.  (the higher the value, the harder the book) 
with all of that being said (and confusing), ansley has already reached the silver level and is almost on gold.  i am so proud of her because she just completed Black Beauty (a 4.3 grade level book) and made 90% on her test.  she received almost 3 points for 1 book.  that is awesome and she was so excited about it!  she has now moved onto Ramon Quimby (my favs from school) and is really enjoying them so far.
so, yea for ansley!  i am so glad that she loves to read, so much sometimes she gets in trouble at night...  :)

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