Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day One...

Monday January 24, 2011
Our Carnival Cruise from Mobile, AL to Calica, Mexico and Cancun, Mexico…
A windy start...

They look like they could blow away!

Goodbye Mobile!
Today we left the house at 7:45ish, a little behind schedule (stopped at BK for breakfast, of course) and then drove to Mobile, AL. 
Our room
It took about 5 & 1/2 hours to get there but the girls were both really good on the trip.  They enjoyed watching movies.  Man, things have changed since I used to go on car trips.  We arrived there and got in line to board the boat.  We picked the wrong line (of course) to go through security and it took forever!  But once we finally got on the boat, we went and checked out our room.  It is pretty cool with a king size bed and two bunk beds for the girls.  It was our 18X12 box that we would spend 5 days in together.  They (the beds) are both up high and the girls enjoy doing acrobatics on and off of them.
Gourmet dinner
  We went to the ‘briefing’ to hear about what to do it the boat went down.  A scary thought, but a necessary class.  The seas were rough and the wind was strong as we set out for our 5 day tour.  None of us could walk straight, not that any of us are so graceful but this was ridiculous.  We wasted some time by heading to the sushi bar. 
Sushi girls
It was all OK, not great.  Sarah enjoyed some rice but Ansley did not even try it.  It is also pretty chilly still so we stayed inside.  We have late dinner at 8:15pm.  Jake got shrimp cocktail and flat iron steak, I got Caesar salad and Mahi Mahi, Ansley got fried shrimp and spare ribs, Sarah ordered a hot dog and fries but did not eat much of it.  She fell asleep during dinner and was out for the night. 
Sarah at dinner.
Ansley and I at briefing
After dinner, we pretty much all passed out .

Ansley finally pulled her 4th tooth out.  She got $4 from the Mexican tooth fairy Tuesday night.  (She is a much better tooth fairy than the one from home.)
Finally lost her tooth!
leaving port

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  1. You guys are just...a little...TOO PERFECT!!! I hope you all enjoy the cruise...wish I was on a cruise:-(