Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day Three...

Port of Calica

swinging spider monkey

part of the underground river




some ruins

another view of the underground river

sea turtle

a cave

Ansley Kate


entrance to the underground river

building sand castles

Pom Pom trees


beautiful chapel

adorable little spider monkey

These are all hermit crabs!

not posed at all!

Where Jake snorkeled

some underwater shots

a crab Jake saw

Wednesday January 26, 2011  
Actual Temp: 73/68
Today we landed in Calica, Mexico.  Sarah saw some palm trees and called them pom pom trees.  It was adorable!  Everywhere we went there were pom pom trees!  When we first docked there was a market (of sorts), more like just a lot of vendors selling their goods.  I found a painting that I loved!  An older gentleman painted them himself with his fingers.  He painted on tiles (like bathroom tiles) and they were all amazing!  After the market, we went to Xcaret which is an ecological water park.  We swam in an underground river!  It wove in and out of caves, with holes that sunshine came thru.  Jake and I could touch most of the time which was good since I had Sarah wrapped around my neck and Ansley around Jake’s.  It made it hard to swim but it was good exercise and a chance to bond.  Ansley and Sarah were not very happy with it.  Ansley freaked out pretty bad to start with but by the end she was ok, she did not like the dark parts.  Sarah decided in the middle that she missed Grandma and loved her and needed her now.  She did not cry but came close.  Sarah would not let go of me and got pretty cold from not moving at all.  I did convince her to kick her feet to get warm.  We saw bats flying around us in the underground river.  I wish that we could have gotten pictures of the bats.  It was pretty fun except it was chilly.  The water was 75 degrees but I think that the air was cooler.  It took about 30-45 minutes to get down the whole river.   Later we found out that Ansley was so freaked out because she watches way too much ‘River Monsters’.
Jake snorkeled but Ansley did not want to go and do it with him.  Sarah put her face in the water a little bit.  I did not snorkel at all, not really my thing.  Jake saw lots of fish, urchins and hermit crabs.  He found some really awesome tide pools and cenotes that he saw some amazing sea life in.  He said that he saw some of the coolest stuff that he has ever seen before!
We saw some jaguars, underground caves with crystal clear water, ancient ruins, iguanas, lots of cenotes for swimming, spider monkeys, big sea turtles, teenage sea turtles, baby sea turtles , dolphins, stingrays, beautiful crystal clear water everywhere (like a pool or clearer), flamingos and lots of other birds.  The girls both got to hold macaws, which was neat.  They had them on their heads, hands and held one like a baby.
We are back on the boat now getting ready for dinner.  I think that we are going to go up and watch the boat leave.  I took over 300 pictures today (just on one camera), we also took some underwater pictures which I can’t wait to see on the computer. 
Dinner by the way, Ansley and I special ordered strawberry bisque and fried shrimp for tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had an awesome time! So cute that Sarah calls them Pom Pom Trees. I'm with Ansley, I've seen way too many episodes of river monster's to be calm deap river water.