Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6, 2011/Preschool

So the search for preschool has started...  I remember it being hard with Ansley but it seems extra hard with Sarah.  Maybe because it's my baby, maybe it's because they are both getting so big and grown SO fast.  I don't know.  Life is moving by so quickly lately, so many changes and things to do.  There is not enough time to get done necessary things much less the things that you just want to do.  Sometimes it is just overwhelming.  I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately, for so many reasons.  Too many to even discuss..I mean I start a blog about preschool and have blabbered on about nothing.  I guess I could be up cleaning something now right?  Ansley got her report card yesterday and she is doing so good!  I am so Very Very proud of her!  Well Sarah and I have had a wonderful day today, just the two of us and we are looking forward to Ansley coming home from school very soon.  I just love those girls and I know they love me, all of me, the good and the bad.  I am lucky.  I am lucky to have Jake too for all of the same reasons.  I have got to slow down, count the blessings and let things go.  Is that possible?  Much deeper blog than I had anticipated, sorry for the funk.
I believe that Sarah and Ansley and I shall go and make some kind of craft with glue and glitter.  Good way to happy up!

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