Friday, January 21, 2011

Yea!! Vacation has started!

So on Friday night, vacation officially begins.  Don't get me wrong, still have TONS to do (like pack)  but that is OK, no more work for 9 days!  Should get that done tomorrow and then we are on our way.  I can not wait to see the girls when they see that boat or when they see the clear blue waters of the Gulf.  They have only been to the Atlantic, so this will be quite a new experience.  Ansley is going snorkeling with Jake and maybe I can persuade my chicken self to go in a little.  Sarah wants to so I can't be shown up by my three year old, although she is much more gutsy than me.  Can't wait to share our stories and of course day I may get good at taking them.  Mexico, here we come!

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