Thursday, June 30, 2011

No tv...

So here's the thing..we have been without cable since Friday (I think) and I think that it has been fantastic.  We spend all too much time in front of the boob tube.  Now don't get me wrong,  we have watched some things.  But the tv is not just on to be on.  We have watched some cartoons, the good ones, really good ones like Looney Tunes and me and my girls have been loving it. 
Now I should be packing instead I am here on the couch dreaming up ice cream flavors that I can go make and dreading the packing that must happen very soon.
But for now I am going to lay here with sarah and enjoy bugs bunny and her giggles.  and listen to ansley trying to learn to play super mario brothers. And listen to jake softly snore on the love couch next to me.
Oh happy happy thursday.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Mad Hatter Tea-Birthday Party Part Four...

loving these tea cups....they are actually measuring cups

the queen of hearts (aka Aunt Laura)

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A Mad Hatter Tea-Birthday Party Part Three...

me and Lisa :)

connor's knee attacked his you have got to hate that...but no worries he is OK!

Ansley and Chloe :)

Ansley and Lalia

The cake!

ahhh, the queen was overthrown...but no worries she only tickled...they allowed her to keep her head.

love this picture...


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A Mad Hatter Tea-Birthday Party Part Two...

Crafty husband of mine....made all of the fun cut outs himself...

The 'actual' birthday girl...lucky girl party on her day this year!

The other birthday girl...the one and only four year old!

Another cut out by Jake!

I'm late, I'm late..for a very important date!

The whole family...three verisons of Alice and The Mad Hatter!

Tea anyone?

The Chesire cat made an apperance as well!  (hehe Jack)

And the Queen of Heart came as well....she wanted to off many heads!  :)

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