Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Sarah...

Happy Fourth Birthday Sarah Madeline!  I can not believe that you are already 4 years old!  You are an amazing
and wonderful little girl!  You are caring and sweet and so beautiful!
You are as nutty as your are smart and I love your wonderful imagination! 
I love that you woke up yesterday and told me that you had a beautiful dream!  I loved your dream!
I love that for your birthday dinner you wanted cupcakes and that for lunch you wanted a chicken sandwich (not nuggets!) just because you are four now!
I love how this morning you wanted balloons and ribbons and candles just because it is your birthday!
Always keep your head up, your spirits high, your outlook bright, keep dreaming big and beautiful dreams and always always
remember that I, daddy and ansley love you very much!
Love forever and ever and ever,

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