Saturday, July 23, 2011

Campfires, Smores and Yum...




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Life has been nuttier than usual, for so many reasons!  It is summer which should be more relaxing but so far has been NON-stop!!  We have made an effort to give the girls a fun-filled amazing summer....I think that it has turned out very fun filled.  Hopefully they agree.  However, amongst all the fun days (all 60 of them) the end is nearing.  AMAZING!
My baby will be going to the THIRD grade...really how?  And she is excited about it.  She wants to try out for the PC (program challenge) classes at school.  I have mixed feelings about it.  It's a lot of extra work (I know she can handle it) but there is so much time to do 'extra work' BUT at the same time maybe it will challenge her and she will enjoy school more.  I am going to let her decide.  She has to take a test to be accepted and if she wants to I will be behind her 1000%!  She is one smart cookie!
My baby-baby girl is getting ready for PRE-K...where in the world (seriously) where has 4 years gone?  So, we have purchased her brand new book bag (all she needs for this year)...and yes she is adorable with it on.  She choose a baby blue with owls, deers and squirrels.  (Which is funny since she was terrified of owls for the longest!)  She is excited for school to start but I have a feeling that her teacher and I will have many phone calls in the future...  :)
And then there is work...oh work!  enough said!  moving on....
Oh and Lucy....
So, I am simplifying things...taking out unnecessary time sucking useless activities.  I am working on list...yes to do list, home list, work list, to do list...  I am enlisting the help of hubby and kids to organize and prioritize my life, cause it's crazy outta whack!
I am excited and thankful for lots of thing.....don't want to just complain.  I just enjoyed a wonderful beach vacay, that was amazing with my family and oldest friends.  I think that I have finally finally began to understand (and put in to play) good nutrition to keep my weight maintained!  Not only because I feel so much better but I am healthier!  I just finished up a 13 year work in progress project with my next oldest friends....we went and saw the LAST Harry Potter movie.....And yes!  we cried, laughed and it was wonderful.  I am glad that after so many years we stayed together.  And I can't wait for friends to visit very soon!  I am also planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law who is due with my very first niece!  YAY!
SO, this is it...the simplification of me...for one month to see how it goes....  Facebook diet, deleting multiple email accounts, unsubscribing to junk mail, trying to do a mid-summer fresh cleaning!  Walks outside, eating on the porch, coloring with the kids, taking pictures, finishing projects, loving my dog, swimming and relaxing!  Maybe I should take up deep breathing exercises as well.  :)
Wish me luck!

Ansley Kate...

Have you ever seen such a wonderful sprinkling of freckles!?
What an amazing artist God is!

Nutty kid in the build a bear box...

Love this child and her imagination! She is amazing!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sarah can write!

Sarah has been working on her name and today she sat down and wrote her name all by herself! I am super proud of her!


Oh what a wonderful week! We headed down to the beach and had a relaxing do nothing kind of time.  (The best kind if you ask me!) What a wonderful way to spend time together. I think know I could have stayed there forever and ever. The girls had the best time. They made sand castles, saw all kinds of wildlife (including gators, sharks, jellyfish and bunnies), went fishing and crabbing, they slept so good and ate more than usual. The sun, wind, sand and water wore them out every single day. They were so sweet and good. They amazed me with their caring....they saved so many sea creatures including crabs, sand dollars, starfish, and poked lots of jellyfish with sticks.  They must have rescued a hundred star fish and sand dollars! They were not afraid of anything and enjoyed showing off their mad beach skills. Here are just a few of the bijillion photos that I took. Enjoy!

Posing for Mom...they get so irritated sometimes :)
have you ever seen a more beautiful girl?

I love this crazy kid!

Very cool sand castle we saw on the beach.

I love the reflection in the water.

Coppertone butt!  :)

Jake, Ansley and Sarah's first sand castle.

what a ham....but I love the way she matches the chair.

Ansley actually posed herself for this one.

poke poke

getting ready to go fishing.

Jake and Sarah catching another big one.

Ansley holding the shark she caught....honestly I was suprised that she did it!

Our Red Drum fish

Another shark that Jake caught

That is the largest sea turtle ever constructed!

Ansley the mermaid

Sarah the lobster

All the crabs we caught....first time trying!