Monday, August 15, 2011

First Days of School....{Third grade and Pre-K}

So....August 4th!!! came along and with it came the THIRD grade....where in the world did all this time go?  My baby is eight and going into the THIRD grade!  If you can't tell by now I am in shock...and tears, anything will set me off these days.  We all got up to get Ansley ready for school and take her in.  She did great (cause she's an old pro) while I teared up and was sad when she was just fine just going to her desk and sitting down.  Sarah didn't start pre-K today on the same day because there were some cuts in the HOPE it was just Ansley going in.
She made it home and thankfully this year she seems to really like her teacher.  I hope the rest of the year stays the same!  Well here are some pics from the big day! 
Happy Happy girl...

Ansley and Sarah before we left.

Ansley and dad!
And then came August 15th....and the FIRST day of pre-K for Sarah.  Mine and Jake's hearts both broke a little when she said that she didn't want to be a big kid and wanted to stay little.  She didn't want to go to school.  But she never missed a beat and enjoyed her first day. She did look at me kinda crazy when I asked her yesterday if she was going to nap at pre-K...I mean like I had lost my mind!  Of course neither of them have napped since forever...for better or worse.  Well the first day went well, no tears from anyone but they say they second or third day is the worst so hopefully THEY are wrong.  She said she even at her lunch...hmmm I wonder.
I hated waking her up this morning!

First Day Duds!

Yummy breakfast...yes at Chicken Fil A

Ansley was so sweet this morning!

Love that look on Sarah's face.

Ansley off to show Sarah the playground...VERY important stuff!

Sarah's cubby
LOVE her book bag....surprised she picked it out since she used to be so scared of owls.

And she made it out alive and happy!  Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
So Jake and I spent the day together, mostly very quietly..Things were strange..
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  1. I this blog...very well done Messa!

  2. So sweet, I know they grow up fast! They will be getting married before you know it.:)

  3. Luigi- Thanks--this one took a lot to write!