Saturday, September 17, 2011


I dread putting this in writing because it makes it really really truly real. 
OK, all of you know me and I am not one of 'those' dog people but you do know that I love my dog Lucy.  I have had Lucy for almost 13 years.  She listened to me (didn't listen to me), dug out of the yard and went to the Chinese restaurant, was here when Ansley and Sarah was born.  She was best friends with Harry, Rocky, Jedi, Socks and Jack.  She loved getting baths, sleeping on the couch, watching animal planet, driving Jake and I nuts by getting on our favorite blanket and breaking out of the kitchen.  She kept the yard both squirrel and bird free, she despised lightning and thunder and enjoyed leftovers. 
I remember the day we got her...she was so little and her belly was so fat and full of worms.  She was the one, the first time I saw her, I just knew. 
But several months ago Lucy got sick.  She had several nodules removed from her body and we thought she was clear, the tumors were benign.  But then she had a tumor grow in her mouth. We had it removed and for a few months it stayed away but then almost overnight it came back and grew at an unbelievable rate.  She was miserable, she could not eat much and wouldn't drink anything but milk.  Then she quit eating and drinking almost at all.  She didn't sleep.  I knew what was coming but I could not prepare myself and actually believe it!
The day that Lucy died, I sat on the kitchen floor with her for hours.  We talked about all the things we had done and all that she had to look forward to because all dogs go to heaven!  We are all recovering but we miss her bunches and I still have bouts of crying, but she is feeling good now.
Rest in peace Lucy, we miss you!


  1. Well that made me tear up. Lucy will be missed! Love you! - Laura

  2. I am so sorry y'all are having to go through this. Lucy will be missed, but I am sure she will be happier in heaven with her dog friends. Love you, Jill