Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tea Party...

sarah has been begging me to have a tea party.....not just a pretend tea party....a real one. 
so tonight we did.  however-we did not have any necessary tea party foods in the house-except for tea.  so we had deviled eggs and tea {ansley had cheese and crackers}.  i know that sarah loves eggs but she helped me make them and you know how kids suddenly don't like things once they see how they are made so i was hoping that she was ok with seeing the mustard and mayo go in the bowl...well not only was she ok with it but as she licked the fork, her hands, the bowl and anything else she could she declared that deviled eggs made 'her feel like an angel,  wait not an angel, a princess, a beautiful angel princess'. 
this kid cracks me up.

today in Sunday school, she sang the entire theme song for A Nightmare Before Halloween, for her class.... word for word.
watch out world sarah is on her way to the top!

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