Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving and what I am thankful for {a lot of it}

So Thanksgiving has come & gone.  Who can believe it?  I am thankful for so many things in my are just a few (do not be offended if not i said there are many.

My Family {this most importantly includes Jake, Ansley & Sarah of course.... as well as my parents and sister and brother in law, all of my in-laws including brand new niece Reagan}
My kids giggling uncontrollably!
My sister's baby debuting June 2012.
My kids personalities, which amaze me daily!
My Family of Friends, of which I could not live without {the Elmgren's & the Turner's & Katie}
My home and all that it has in it!
Mine & Jake's jobs {and all of the challenges that they offer}
Jackson {otherwise known as Captain Jack, Puss in Boots or Jack the Pumpkin King}
My camera {and my quest to make it work miracles}
Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies fresh from the oven.
Learning how to relax.  {this is a work in progress}
A hot bath!
Thoughts of vacation.
The new light bulbs in my bathroom {corny...yes ~ thankful...very}
Ansley's beautiful Christmas cactus that is in full bloom.
Thoughts of snow.
Watching the same movie over and over again with Sarah.
The age of 4 and 8.
Christmas music.
Seeing Wicked this year.
Celebrating birthdays.

These are just a few of my favorite things....but like I said there is not enough time to include everything!

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