Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lazy Saturday...

Today was a lazy Saturday and by lazy I mean we only fingerpainted, raked leaves, burned limbs, watched football and hung that is our kind of lazy....well Jake's.  I can do nothing perfectly well, if allowed.  :)  But anyway, here are some photos of our lazy, wonderful day.
Starting finger painting

Sarah making reindeer thumbprints.

Ansley's Lights
Anlsey working on her Christmas tree light painting.

Sarah's lights

Our Christmas tree tradition...we cut a piece from the end of the tree and decorate it.  Then we have a personalized ornament for every year.  We started in 2007 & will keep going...
Side 1

Side 2

At least one of us has a green thumb. :)
Sarah's Christmas Wreath
Ansley's picture of our front door.
It is a great day when you get Wisconsin Cheese in the mail!

My new picture wall...awesome.
Thanks Jake!

The other side view.

beautiful girl

That's my baby badger...eating roasted marshmallows.

The leaf part I was talking about :)

Watching the GA/LSU game!

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