Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year...I made a curtain!!! {Day Seventeen}

I MADE A CURTAIN!!  (Now we will not discuss how it is 2-3 inches too short...hoping to get some tips on if I can fix that) but boy does it make me proud!  NOT only did I make a curtain BUT I made a new spool of brown thread for the bobbin, put it in & threaded the machine with the brown thread!  (I was crafty & downloaded the manual to my sewing machine & it took me about 2 hours...) but right now I feel awesome!  This was on my list to do while I was off & I was beginning to wonder if I would make it!  Yea me!!  I did.  Now for the photos...  this curtain is going in Sarah's room, it will hang in from of the playroom.  Jake & I insulated that thing like crazy but it still gets pretty cold & hot so hopefully this will help & they can just pull it back when they are playing.  Tomorrow Jake said that he will hang it & viola...instant awesome {I think}
Happy New Year!

I even ironed!

lined with an Ikea sheet

broke out my sewing machine manual

had to remove stiches

done, but ended up being too short....

Adjusted the hem and viola!  Done!

Monday....took the hem out of that was there for the curtain rod and used a different rod and it is now long enough!  Hooray!

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