Saturday, January 7, 2012

Three Weeks...Days Tweny-One, Twenty-Two & Twenty Three...

Day Twenty One-(Thursday)
FUN day with jake, which always includes a trip to the Home Depot!  but it was for art room supplies so this time it was fun!  i also decided to join a 52 photo project!  this will be the first photo project that i have done & i am EXCITED, can't wait to see how it turns out!  anyone can can find all the details here My Four Hens Photography

Day Twenty Two-(Friday)
more working on the art room.  i am so excited & i LOVE it.  i can not wait to spend hours & hours hanging out crafting with my family!  almost done!

Day Twenty Three-(Saturday)
Today the girls & I went out antiqueing (real word?) with my mom & dad.  We had a nice warm winter day.  we even had a lightning show this evening, crazy GA weather (but i like love it).  submitted my entry for the photography project!  (yay)

Dreading Monday!!

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