Monday, February 6, 2012

New Art Room {complete with original art work}

check out our new art space in the basement....
from finish
we really needed a space to be able to work on crafts & such and not have to put everything up so we could eat on the kitchen table.  :)  this little piece of basement had art written all over it and the best part is everything minus the floor & 2 tables from Ikea we recycled, so cheap, cheap project! 
OH and the VERY BESTEST has TWO Jake Cordle original art pieces.  {smile}

before basement...

handy man at work...

and of course he had helpers all the time

Jake designed the sun and mural based on Disney's Rapunzel {a FAV in our house}

after basement

who knew we had this much stuff around the house!

cool dowel rod holder (designed and made by Jake) work!

so this is our little slice of art heaven, we have had fun so far and can't wait to use it more. 
once we get the whole family well at once, we're there!
thanks Jake for all of your hard work and amazing paintings!  (am i a lucky girl or what?) 


  1. This is awesome:) great job jake!!!!

  2. thanks tara...we need a play date soon!