Saturday, February 5, 2011

exciting day

so tomorrow is an exciting day for two of my best friends....
jill, my friend since diapers, is celebrating her wedding anniversary.  she and chris have been married for a long time (12 years, i think) and i am so happy for them.  so, happy anniversary jill and chris!  enjoy your day!
The happy couple
lisa, my friend since 4th grade, is celebrating her first son's 7th birthday!  happy happy birthday connor!  we love you!
Happy Birthday Connor!

so congrats to two of my most favoritest people in the world and all of the people that i now know and love because of you guys!

Love, M


  1. I feel famous now...we made the

  2. Awww!! You are definitely one of my most favoritest people too and I'm so lucky to have a fabulous friend such as you.

    And....Congrats Jill and Chris!! 12 years sure does go by fast!