Friday, February 11, 2011

riding in the car with sarah...

on the way to grandma's house, sarah and i talk or we just sit in silence, sometimes we even sing at the top of our lungs.  (till she tells me i am hurting her ears) 
today we talked.  we talked about all the animals and the sounds that they make.  we talked about how big tigers make (LOUD) roar noises and how baby tigers make (tiny) roar sounds. 
bubble bath clouds
we talked about the clouds and how they look different every single day.  today sarah decided that the clouds looked like tons and tons of bubbles in a bathtub!  she even spotted an elephant in the bathtub!  that crazy kid.  i wish i could remember EVERY single thing that came out of her mouth but since i can't, i hope to remember the best.
we (sarah and i) went to the dentist yesterday and for her second visit, she was awesome!  i am so glad because if she hated it, it would be such an ordeal.  she looked great and did great and got an new orange toothbrush.
can't wait to see what sarah-isms come out tomorrow.

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