Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chair Make-Over...

So last week I found this very fun chair in my Mamaw's backyard...  I have been looking for some chairs for photo props and this one seemed perfect except for one little thing, NO seat bottom.  (And it was way dirty and dry!)
I gathered some tools and got to work.  I wore a mask while doing this.  (No reason to damage more brain cells than necessary, right?)

First I wiped it down good with just a clean wet rag.  Then I lightly sanded it with a medium grade sand paper.  After sanding, I wiped it down again to get rid of all of the dust.  I used the mallet to make sure that all of the dowels were in tight.  (I did end up having to insert about 4 screws to keep it tight)  Then I wiped on one layer of Linseed Oil and let it dry.  After about 2 hours I added one more layer of Linseed Oil and then let it dry for about 36 hours or so.
After One
 Then I set off to create a chair bottom.  After some research on the Internet I found this...  ToolGirl Website and viola a tutorial for making a chair bottom from men's neckties.  So with the assistance of my bro-in-law Jeff and hubby Jake I came up with 8 ties.  Then a trip to the thrift store came up with 8 more ties!  This website said I need 30 but I think that 16 will work because the chair is fairly small.  Let the weaving begin!
So the weaving was not quite as straight forward (but come on you all know my level of craftyness- zero) with help from Jake we weaved the chair together and it looks great!  Enjoy the finished project!
Special thanks to Jake and Jeff for tie donations and Jake for the knot help!  :)

Sarah helping me finish

All Done!


It works!  {whew}

Yea Chair!

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