Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So now that I have this wonderful 'new' needs chairs!  The chairs that we had were broken in spots and falling apart fast after 15 years of wear and tear from me, Jake, the girls, doggies chewing on them, ect...  Well let me tell you chairs are EXPENSIVE!  My sister has been building things from a website written by Ana White, so I decided to check it out.  There were some awesome chairs on there and I picked out two (one for Jake, Ansley and I and a taller one for Sarah)...Jake said he would build them and he did!  Here are the wonderful results! 
Thank you Jake and thank you Ana White! 
The approximate cost of each chair was only $45 and it only took about a week (not steady working) to get them all made!
Here is the link to the larger classic chairs and the link to the higher chair!

 One chair...pre-cut.  We (Jake) used pine to build them.
 Chair maker at work.
 One chair...all cut up.
Four chairs all in a row.  Sarah's is on this end.  They are ready to prime and paint.  The girls helped me put on the first coat of primer.  Then Jake and I did the second coat.  We used Kilz 2 and then Jake spray painted them with an enamel based spray paint...MUCH easier than using a brush!
 A table full of bottomless chairs!
The classic chair.
Making the seat.....  We used 1 inch foam and cut it to match the size of the plywood that Jake had cut for the seat bottom.  They were approximately 19X19.
Then we used a staple gun...used some upholstery tacks to attach the fabric (Hobby Lobby) to the seat bottom.  Then Jake screwed the bottom on the the chair and awesome addition to our kitchen table!
All done...Classic Chair
 All done...Higher Chair
And all together!

I love it!

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