Sunday, December 16, 2012

Making Cookies...Post 100!!!

Wow!  100 posts...who would have ever guessed that I would have made it so far????  Not me!  But here we are the end of 2012! 
The Holidays are on top of us...Christmas in a little over a week, shopping, cooking and baking....Gingerbread Cookies!  The girls had a blast making these cookies.  Ansley has wanted to make them for a while now, but I think that cookies are hard to make so we have not ever tried it.  But I found a gingerbread mix and we went to town and I think that they turned out pretty good!
Ready to bake!

Helping each other!


Tools of the trade!

Rolling out the dough...

Tasting the dough...

Pressing out cookies...

Now to decorate...and yes we are using medicine syringes!  When you are not a baker but work in a just make do with what you've got!  (Yes, they were clean)

The finished product! 

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