Tuesday, January 1, 2013

sayonara 2012...

Oh what a year! 
2012 was an exciting and crazy year!  {Aren't they all?} 
Here is a little review of our year...back in early August my hard-drive died and I lost the last two years worth of pictures so there will be huge gaps in picture fun (January thru July) but I have had several people try to recover them and I have one more trying to get back all of our memories!  I appreciate everyone that had tried to help me out {and a huge BOO to Best Buy for trying to charge me a TON of money)! 
So first and foremost in 2012 I need a new way to save photographs!  I need to do this asap!
Many of you know that I participated in TWO photography challenges faithfully throughout the year.  I must say that I am proud of myself for completing them.  I did miss a couple of weeks but I did catch up and am very happy to say that I took 52 themed photos for My Four Hens Photography {and even was featured a couple of times on the blog}.  You can check them out here.  I also participated in the 'Let's Do 52' for Paint the Moon Photography, you can check those out here.  I learned a lot this year about photography and really want to learn more this year!  I am going to do the 52 projects again for sure!  I also want to try to do a lifestyle project this year....take at least one photo daily of my family.  It may be a lot to tackle but I am going to try.  Here are a few of my favs, hope that you enjoy!
And starting in August...unless I can find some pictures that I have saved somewhere.... (tear, tear)
Of course, it was the beginning of school (Fourth grade and Kindergarten!!!) and we went to the Braves game...on Star Wars night!

Onto September...and Fall...and just acting plain goofy!
October...We went to Woodbury/Senoia, GA (for those of you who are Walking Dead fans) and it was a beautiful day!  And there was Halloween...Ansley was Wednesday Addams and Sarah was Rapunzel (complete with frying pan)!
November...where did that come from?  We hit up the Zoo with some besties and then there was Thanksgiving yumminess!  And Happy First birthday Reagan!
And December...what a busy month!  Christmas, friends, Ansley donated her hair AGAIN (so very proud of her!)
And today begins 2013...WOW!  I always feel so goofy when I say seems like time is flying but I think today we'll have some yummy New Year food and maybe do some 'early Spring' cleaning!  Can't wait to tell the chickies!  :)
Happy New Year Friends!

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