Sunday, December 16, 2012

Making Cookies...Post 100!!!

Wow!  100 posts...who would have ever guessed that I would have made it so far????  Not me!  But here we are the end of 2012! 
The Holidays are on top of us...Christmas in a little over a week, shopping, cooking and baking....Gingerbread Cookies!  The girls had a blast making these cookies.  Ansley has wanted to make them for a while now, but I think that cookies are hard to make so we have not ever tried it.  But I found a gingerbread mix and we went to town and I think that they turned out pretty good!
Ready to bake!

Helping each other!


Tools of the trade!

Rolling out the dough...

Tasting the dough...

Pressing out cookies...

Now to decorate...and yes we are using medicine syringes!  When you are not a baker but work in a just make do with what you've got!  (Yes, they were clean)

The finished product! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today (a few weeks ago....) was the day...Christmas tree Day!
On the way there...

Goofing off at the Home Depot!

Sarah and her Christmas tree for her room!
Ansley's little friend for her room.

The winner is...
The Angel


Merry Christmas!

Christmas with the best friends...

We always get together with our friends the Turner's for Christmas!  This year it also included the SEC Championship game....and for those of you who know how that turned out that piece did not turn out very well but I digress....the rest of the evening was wonderful.  I love spending time with our friends and wish that we could find more time to do it more often!!  I find it hard to believe how BIG all five kids are!  It is amazing to think that Ansley was born 9 and a half years ago and followed by Connor....where in the world has the time gone?  Enjoy these pics from our wonderful Christmas party!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And one last picture of my beautiful ham that I just had to share....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week 44/52 'Eye Candy' for My Four Hens Project 52

I was featured for 'Eye Candy' {Black and White- Week 44} Project 52 for My Four Hens Photography!  Check it out!  There are some amazing photographs on there to view!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Photo Challenge {Something Orange}

This year we kind of went crazy with the pumpkins.  We found several on clearance at Lowes and then we purchased some more from a local church to support our small community.  We even had more that are not in the picture and the very best one of all was the one that my hubby made two wonderful pies from....oh yum!  Enjoy the orange and the Fall because before we know it the cold of Winter will be all around!  I love this shot because of the awesome wagon.  You can also see that two of the pumpkins have already been decorated by my little chicks.
This is my October Photo Challenge entry for the Rock the Shot Challenge!!
Happy Fall Ya'll!

Something Orange

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Week 18/52 'Eye Candy' for My Four Hens Project 52

I was featured for 'eye candy' Happy {Week 18} Project 52 for My Four Hens!!  Woo Hoo! these subjects :)

Week 33/52 'Eye Candy' for My Four Hens Project 52

I was featured as 'eye candy' for the Project 52 {Funky} for My Four Hens Photography!  Woo Hoo!  Check it out!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Adirondack chairs....

Oh I love my hubby and this Blog!  This is the Ana White website (the same one that Jake built our new dining room chairs from) and this time he made yard furniture.  It is amazing.  He made us four Adirondack chairs for the backyard.  We had several plastic ones but they always end up breaking and pinching the back of your legs so I am excited to have these!  They are great for just sitting and enjoying being outside!  Unfortunately I do not have many shots of the building of the chairs but here is one of the unfinished chair and a couple with them painted.  I am searching for a ottoman to go with them!


A table and a desk...

Since my girls are getting bigger (way too fast), their rooms have been getting bigger too!

Sarah recently moved into her big girl bed and got new furniture for her bigger clothes and a new bookshelf for her ever growing collection.  What she needed was a bedside table and let me tell you, they are expensive!  I could not believe it!  Now I not normally a dumpster diver although I have been know to do it occasionally....I found Sarah a table during last Fall's trash clean up day on our neighborhood.  It was just sitting there calling my name, now it was not pretty but it had potential.  It was yucky brown, very wobbly and had gold thingies on the feet...blah!  Well this past week I finally got around to sanding it and painting it.  Jake fixed the wobble and removed the blingy feet.  I think it looks great.  Sarah wanted it pink so pink it is!  She is very excited too cause it can hold her juice and her books (just like Ansley's)!
Unfortunately this is the only before picture that I have (due to an unfortunate hard drive accident) but this is Jake removing this weird lazy Susan thing that it had going on.  Now it is very stable.

This is the tiny table (along with Ansley's desk) after being primed.

And the finished project.  She wanted it pink and as you can tell from this tiny snapshot...she loves pink!
Ansley is moving on up to fourth grade this year (uuuggghhh, how did this happen) and there looks to be some pretty serious studying about to start she needed a place/desk for that!  I have been looking and looking but again anything that was sturdy, small and adorable for her room cost an arm and a leg!  Well thanks to Poppy and Uncle Rusty who had a desk that they gave her and a can of paint she now has an awesome place to sit and learn and become the super-genius that she is deep down :).  When we got the desk it was in great condition just not 'girly pretty'.  So I sanded it down, Jake primed it and I painted with an aqua color that matches her room.  Jake took the chair apart and recovered the sitting part with an awesome print that Ansley picked out herself and I have to say it matches awesome.
Really great shape...just not really pretty.

All primed up!

First Coat of paint

We (mostly Jake and a little me) took the chair apart and recovered the seat and back cushion.  Ansley picked out this awesome fabric that matched her room very nicely!

A pencil case to match

All ready for some super learning to take place! I love it!

August Photo Challenge {Macro}

This little bumble bee is my submission for the August Rock the Shot Photo Challenge.  This is my febal attempt at a macro shot.  This is a new technique for me and since bugs rarely sit still by the time I get my focus right, the bug is gone.  Gonna keep trying...hopefully will improve!