Monday, May 9, 2011

The New Kitchen Reveal...


Cleaning out the cabinets... (and all the junk!)

Holy Cow!  There was a fridge under all the magnets!

One last look...

Demolition...yes, with a sledge hammer!
And of course Paint!!

Almost done!

All done!!!
What a very long job...we all did so much work.  It looks so beautiful and we are lucky to have Jake who made it all happen. I am sure I missed pictures along the way...but kudos to Ikea!


  1. It looks fabulous but I miss the wall paper LOL

  2. I loved the wall took me 13 years to take it down! :)

  3. WOW:) Great job Jake! how long did this project take? this is on our list of DIY projects.

  4. Tara-
    Thanks!! He did a great job!
    I think total it was about 3 and a half months. But we did not work on it constantly. it was here and there when we had time. We got everything at Ikea and I thought that putting the cabinets together would be the worst but Jake said it was very easy compared to taking the old ones out. We could have done it faster but you know how life gets in the way. :) I do recommend Ikea though, their prices can't be beat! When ya'll decide let me know, we found a great countertop place too!