Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ansley Kate the great is growing up...

It starts with little things...always growing feet, loosing one tooth, then loosing two teeth in one week, she learned to ride her bike with no training wheels, she has so many friends and spends the night away from home, she can do a cartwheel and jump a rope (which I wondered if it would ever happen), she is an amazing reader, she wants to save the world by recycling and feeding hungry people, she wants to grow a garden and teach kids at school about it and (most of the time) takes care of her little sister (but always goes to her side if Sarah needs her), she is generous and loving, she can ride a horse and wrangle a goat...she has an amazing ability to do anything that she sets her mind to and I adore her for that.  She has huge dreams and so many things she wants to accomplish and I am sure that she will as long as she tries! 
Yesterday she accomplished one more thing that she has been working on for so long, she crossed the monkey bars all by HERSELF, no help!  She was so happy and is even proud of the callouses that she is getting on her hands.  I love my Ansley Kate and can not even think about how far she will make it in this great big world.
(And no, she was not wearing the helmet and pads for the monkey bars, she was also riding her bike, and I love the curtsy at the end.)


  1. LMBO!!! That is too cute and funny. I she really wearing a helmet to cross the bars, Melissa must really be worried that she takes after her.... Then I read the caption below about the bike. Thanks for giving me a great laugh!!

  2. I only make her wear the helment and pads for bike riding and going near the trash can! :)