Sunday, January 1, 2012

Three Weeks... Days Fourteen, Fifteen & Sixteen...

Day Fourteen (Thursday)
today we spent the day living it up, high class, movie stars & billionaires... we spent some time at phipps plaza & lenox square mall.  very good fun... looking at 6 billion dollar dresses {almost not kidding!} and such.  always fun to people watch there :).  the cars in these malls cost more than 2 of my of them was almost 2&1/2 more!  holy cow! 
Day Fifteen (Friday)
Ikea in the can that be a bad day?  i found an awesome table for my 'new & upcoming art room'...can not wait to start decorating!  then we headed over & had lunch with mamaw.  the chickies spent the night with grandma.  jake & i headed to a party for the new year.  out way past our bedtimes but had a great time & met some fun fire folks :)  lots of fun work stories...hmmm
Day Sixteen (Saturday)
Saturday December 31, 2011
today was kind of quiet, we headed to the movies & saw Alvin & the Chipmunks...Chipwrecked.  this is good stuff people!  now we are hanging out waiting on 2012!  {ps we made it this year!}
how in the world did 2012 sneak up so fast?

well goodbye 2011....hello 2012, i hope that you rock!

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